Discussion: Fitness Apps On Becoming The Future Of The Fitness Industry

You should have hidden under a giant hood not to know that the fitness industry has changed forever. Before the coronavirus transformed life as we know it, the industry was already switching to digital. But the recent pandemic overloaded that process.

The use of training tools like Peleton, Nike, and Under Armor had already exploded. If we add to this the closure of facilities, it can be said that these companies are doing quite well. Without a gym, club, or studio to go to, consumers switched from face-to-face training to training at home or their local park. Physical exercise remains a priority for consumers, but the way they are doing it has changed.

Users are loyal to their favorite fitness apps.

Almost 96% of consumers only use one fitness app, and more than 75% of active users open their apps a minimum of twice a week. And that’s not even the most active! 25% of the most engaged users open their health or fitness apps more than ten times a week.

This is scary for many fitness business owners. That’s right. But it does not have to be like that. Instead, the boom in fitness apps can act as a huge opportunity.

How can fitness apps benefit gym, club, and studio owners?

Hear us on this. Well, it could be detrimental to the health of your business if all of your customers start using a competitor’s fitness app, but what if you had your own? Think about the possibilities of reaching your customers up to ten times a week, despite pandemics, forced closures, vacations, or any other reason that a user may have to be away from your center.

Your clients are ready for your digital training app because they have gotten used to the idea of ​​doing digital exercise for months. Instead of letting apps take advantage of market changes, and take away your customers, teach them a lesson.

Unlike other fitness apps that lack a personal touch, you know your customers well. They have the opportunity to train with you in person and combine it with an online experience. You can go far beyond your fitness app.

Adapt your business model

Adding a digital application experience to your memberships can transform your business model. You could bring in additional revenue streams and retain customers who might be tempted to cancel their memberships and switch to a digital solution.

Use an app to rebuild your community.

The recent pandemic may have impacted your club community. After all, it’s difficult to engage clients when you don’t see them for several months. Using a fitness app is an effective way to foster a sense of community and commitment from champions.

Relationships are a crucial part of the gym, club, or studio experience, and this is an essential thing that normal fitness apps can’t offer. When using competitive fitness apps, customers don’t have access to coaches and other users in the community who are in the same situation.

When you have a community that works, it is clear that your customers’ progress matters to you. The best way to show them that you care and to make sure they stay on track is to be with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

More touchpoints to stay connected

Not only does having training plans within an app or notifications that remind clients of classes to help them stay fit (and, as a result, happy with your business), but it also gives you more options and opportunities to push products and top quality services. You could use digital touchpoints to offer group or personal training sessions or offer access to unique digital services like food and nutrition tracking.

Make your business future-proof

We do not know what events the future will bring. But we know that if you support your business by also offering a digital service, you will serve customers no matter what happens. With a mixed business model, you will be ready to face the second wave of coronavirus.…